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Articles & Legislative News

Issues Facing Small Employers (from 2015 Annual Meeting)

ACA - Employer Risk Management & Compliance Issues (from 10/28/14 Meeting)

The Inspired Workforce - Recorded Webinar (from 9/3/14 Webinar)

Employers are required to notify their employees of coverage options available through the
Health Insurance Marketplace:
-- Model Notice for employers who offer a health plan to some or all employees

-- Model Notice for employers who do not offer a health plan

Health Care Reform:  Denial Is Not an Option (Slides from 2013 Annual Meeting)

PPACA Update - from October 2011 Seminar

Health Reform:  What We Know, What We Don't Know & What the Future Holds

Key Notification and Communication Requirements in Health Care Reform

Small Employer Health Insurance Credit PowerPoint Presentation

Small Business Health Care Tax Credit: Frequently Asked Questions

Small Business Health Care Tax Credit Example

Health Care Reform The Hospital Perspective in Western Pennsylvania

Health Reform Outlook

The Insurance Dollar: Breaking Down the Costs

Governor Rendell Signs New Healthcare Legislation